Saturday, March 26, 2016

Turning the Table

 I've neglected this blog in my transition to having a website dedicated to combining various Occult topics that I had separated on several different blogs. It is still an on going project but I have determined that this is still a valuable tool as I further my research and writing into publishing books.

 It was about this time last year that I finally published my first book. I've been consumed in research and the process. A long and arduous process. Especially, when one is self-publishing. As I progressed through this new journey I realized what it is I wanted to do with this book and future Occult/Paranormal books.

That is to create a series of short nonfiction. Small, short books comprised of 100 pages or less to allow readers a quick read with enough information to keep interest.

Thus, my first book came into existence - Turning the Table: A Look at the Victorian Supernatural Obsession. 

Each chapter covers various different areas and tools utilized during the time period. Many of which have become a tradition and common practice in the paranormal field. The book covers the spiritualist movement, the Fox Sisters, Quija boards, and even Spirit Photography - to name a few topics.

You can purchase a paperback or kindle copy of my book on Amazon.

Keep believing!